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Custom Insulation Die for a Fire Proofing Application

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Custom Insulation Die for a Fire Proofing Application
Custom Insulation Die for a Fire Proofing Application

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At Boyle Tool & Die Co., we pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations by solving engineering and production challenges using creative thinking and an extensive history in the industry to develop innovative tooling designs. For this project, the customer not only needed a very challenging die to be designed and fabricated, they needed it quickly. Our customer in the insulation and fire proofing industry requested a piercing die that would be capable of piercing 200 holes measuring 0.125” in diameter into a proprietary material. Adding to the complexity of the project, this specific material is very prone to tearing and the customer wished to have one universal die that accommodated a range of thicknesses from 0.25” to 0.75”.

Once the engineering and development team finalized the design, the die was machined in a CNC mill and finished using a Blanchard grinder. The die measure 50” wide and was machined to tolerances as tight as ±0.0002” at critical locations. During testing, 100 samples of material were provided to the customer to ensure the tooling met all outlined specifications. After the samples were approved, our team flew to the customer’s location in Ohio to mount the die and initiate production. All of this including delivery was completed in less than three weeks. To meet this extremely tight deadline, we worked with material vendors and ran production over the weekend. We are absolutely dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to provide customers with the tooling they need within their time constraints. For additional details regarding the precision die making project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Custom Insulation Die Project Highlights

Project Name
Insulation Die
Project Description
This die is used to pierce 200 1/8” holes in proprietary material ranging from 1/4” to 3/4” thick.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Die Design
Tool Tryout
Manufacture Line Setup at Customer
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Design Software, CNC Mill, Press, Blanchard Grinder
Overall Part Dimensions
50" Wide Coil of thickness
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Proprietary (ranging from 1/4” to 3/4” thick)
Industry for Use
Insulation/Fire Proofing
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
100 Sample parts supplied
1 Die
Crate & Ship
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 1/2 week complete, shipped to Ohio by week 3
Delivery Location

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